Marietta Author Releases New Book

Marietta resident and award-winning author Sandra Kolankiewicz is releasing another book of poetry, Lost in Transition, now available for pre-ordering at

The book’s release date is March 3, 2017. Shipping is free if you order before January 13.  This is the third chapbook for Dr. Sandra Kolankiewicz, whose first book, Turning Inside Out, won the Black Lawrence Press Black River Competition in 2007.  That same spring, her novel Blue Eyes Don’t Cry won the Hackney Award for the Novel.  Soon, her novel When I Fell, which includes 76 full color illustrations by artist Kathy Skerritt, will be moving from online only to print.

Kolankiewicz describes herself as a ‘writer of the dangers of domesticity,’ and Lost in Transition explores themes associated with ‘domestic life,’ challenges that we all face over our life span: changing identity; making mistakes; asking and giving forgiveness; accepting our limitations; facing the inevitability of death; and feeling the intense need to communicate with others during this crazy experience that happens between birth and the grave.

In these poems you’ll find disappointed love; a ghost couple coming back to visit her neglectful parents; the absurdity of wedding vows; the nostalgia of lost love; the disappointments of parenthood; the effects of grief and abandonment; the chords of mental illness and addiction; repressed passion; the unemployed; the resigned; the still-holding-on and grateful.

NEA grant recipient poet Roy Bentley, author of Starlight Taxi and winner of the Blue Lynx Poetry Prize for 2012, writes, “In Lost in Transition Sandra Kolankiewicz inventories the world of experience: “bodies so  / charged with electric fluid that when / they raise their fingers toward a / burner, a spark jumps forth adequate / enough to ignite the gas.” Like any Last Man Standing, she wants what she can’t do without: “I’m grateful for your protection while I / had it.” Kolankiewicz tells us: “The devil is in the lack of detail, / the clues you don’t notice until you / get the call, then wonder how you lost your / Eagle Scout.” Lost in Transition is map-making, and serves to make familiar the terrain of the Country of the Lost so we can travel through it with hope or, at least, less fearfully.”

Karen Neuberg, author of Myself Taking Stage (Finishing Line Press) and Detailed Still (Poets Wear Prada), and associate editor of First Literary Review-East, comments that “Lost in Transition is filled with keen observations of the daily that glint with power as Kolankiewicz transports us through the speeding, idiosyncratic reflections of her deft intellect. Her lines leap out and ignite us with recognition and connection. She guides us through transition and into clarity. These poems will scratch at the door of your heart—and you will be happy you let them in.”

John Guzlowski, author of the internationally acclaimed books Lightening and Ashes and Echoes of Tattered Tongues: Memory Unfolded, writes of Kolankiewicz, “…She is the poet of mysteries, the real ones that hide in the most common things (a pet rabbit, a child’s dollhouse), and elegies for what we’ve lost and what we’re losing and what we will lose.  She has the gift the great poets have, the gift of telling us what we’ve lost in language so beautiful and rich that it almost makes us forget our loss.”

For those other people who dream of writing a book and having it published, Kolankiewicz offers some advice: “Mostly what you have to do is practice, practice, practice, like you would for any skill, whether it’s writing a poem or sinking a three pointer.  Also, embrace rejection.  Ninety percent of what you get back is rejection.  However, the other 10% is sweet.  Many people in this region have stories to tell.  Celebrate those stories by sharing them. Poetry and fiction are always there for you to express yourself, and memoir is a genre that is becoming more and more popular.  If you are moved to write about something, that energy will show in your work. Learn how to be your own best critic because you can lose yourself trying to do what others think you should. Finally, support small presses by buying and reading their books.”

Besides her three chapbooks, more than 300 of Kolankiewicz’s poems and stories have appeared in magazines and literary reviews during the last 35 years.  Sandra is available for readings, to talk to writing groups, to discuss publication tips with aspiring writers, and can be contacted at


About Callie J Lyons

Callie Lyons is an investigative journalist and author living in the Mid Ohio Valley. Her first book, Stain-Resistant, Nonstick, Waterproof and Lethal: The Hidden Dangers of C8, is available at and in hundreds of libraries all over the world. Known as a "warrior for public health", Lyons' environmental investigations have been featured in documentaries, including Good Neighbors - Bad Blood and Toxic Soup, on Swedish National Television and in numbers of television, radio and print media interviews. Her work has appeared on Nova's Whiz Kids and in Mother Jones magazine. More recently, a national audience has come to know her award-winning investigative work through the Environmental Working Group and interviews with leading publications like the Huffington Post and The Intercept. Lyons' work was featured in the 2017 documentary Parched:Toxic Waters by National Geographic. The Short, Fantastic Life of a Saloon Girl is Lyons' first published work of historical fiction.
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