Town Hall Endeavors to Plot Community Solutions

This week a group of concerned citizens will host a Town Hall meeting to discuss issues of importance to Parkersburg.

“Neighbors” is a group that meets monthly to make improvements to the community. The group is discussing ways to move forward with projects for 2016. Several city leaders have confirmed their participation in the event – including members of council and the development director.

This week’s meeting will be held on Thursday, January 7 at 6:30 pm at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church at 903 Charles Street in Parkersburg. All are welcome. This is a potluck dinner, so bring a dish. This is a family event and children are welcome.

About Callie J Lyons

Callie Lyons is an investigative journalist and author living in the Mid Ohio Valley. Her first book, Stain-Resistant, Nonstick, Waterproof and Lethal: The Hidden Dangers of C8, is available at and in hundreds of libraries all over the world. Known as a "warrior for public health", Lyons' environmental investigations have been featured in documentaries, including Good Neighbors - Bad Blood and Toxic Soup, on Swedish National Television and in numbers of television, radio and print media interviews. Her work has appeared on Nova's Whiz Kids and in Mother Jones magazine. More recently, a national audience has come to know her award-winning investigative work through the Environmental Working Group and interviews with leading publications like the Huffington Post and The Intercept. Lyons' work was featured in the 2017 documentary Parched:Toxic Waters by National Geographic. The Short, Fantastic Life of a Saloon Girl is Lyons' first published work of historical fiction.
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