Judge Demands Answers – Gun Discharged at Cambridge Walmart – Cyber Scammers

Judge Demands Answers

Washington County Judge Randall Burnworth is calling more than four dozen people who skipped jury duty to court. He wants to know why they skipped the selection process for the high profile murder trial of former deputy sheriff Mitchell Ruble. The initial jury pool was 150, yet 55 failed to show. Burnworth is demanding that all of those individuals appear on December 10 to provide an explanation. Those who do not appear face court fees and possible arrest. Ruble was accused in the 1981 shotgun murder of Deputy Lt. Ray Clark, but the jury failed to reach a verdict so the case will be re-tried on February 29. (AVC)


Gun Discharged at Cambridge Walmart

The accidental discharge of a gun in the Cambridge Walmart store on Saturday at noon is still under investigation.  No one was injured in the incident. Store surveillance footage shows a man in the sporting goods department when the gun went off in his pocket. He appears to be distraught as he removed the small revolver from his pocket.  The accident caused alarm throughout the store, however management and security acted quickly.  (Daily Jeffersonian)


Metals Swiped from Belpre Biz

The owner of a Belpre business reported the loss of $900 worth of items which have disappeared over the past nine months. The items stolen from EDI on Ayers Boulevard were mostly intended to be sold as scrap metal, but some new items were swiped as well.  Someone made off with brass rods, bulkheads, vehicle batteries, steel plates and stainless steel tubing.


Pkbg Man Arrested for Stonebridge Theft

A 26 year old Parkersburg man was arrested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on felony charges of theft and breaking and entering.  Andrew Somerville of Wilbur Street is suspected of stealing $6,500 in property from Stonebridge Oil on State Route 7 in Marietta earlier this month. Though Somerville denied committing the crime, cell phone records put him at the scene. Text messages on his phone also speak of the theft.


Summers Runs for WV House

Angela Summers of Washington, W.Va.  has pre-filed to run for the WV House of Delegates in the 2016 Elections, in the 9th Delegate District. She is a Republican. For the past three years, Summers has been an outspoken critic of the national Common Core educational standards, and worked statewide to ensure they are fully repealed. Summers attended Wood County Schools and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Glenville State College.  She previously worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as a contractor for the Federal Black Lung Project.  Currently, she manages her son’s chiropractic office in Lubeck, and lives with her husband, Jack, in southern Wood County.


Watch Out for Cyber Scammers

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey urges shoppers to be wary of scammers when searching for deals today.  Cyber Monday, developed to encourage online spending through exclusive product offers and discounts, now rivals Black Friday for most retail revenue generated in a single day. It occurs the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving each year.  Last year’s numbers showed a continued trend of digital retail growth with more than $2 billion in sales for the first time ever. According to the National Retail Federation, Cyber Monday 2015 is expected to contribute significantly to a projected $105 billion in online holiday sales.

“As purchasing options become more abundant, so do the potential threats to consumers’ personal identifiable information,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “Following simple precautions like avoiding unsecure wireless internet connections and suspicious e-mail links can save consumers a lot of time and money.”

The Attorney General’s Office suggests the following tips to safeguard personal information:

Consider using one-time or multi-use credit cards rather than debit cards.

Watch for spelling mistakes or low-quality images, which may indicate a hastily created website

Ensure URL addresses legitimately match the known retailer’s website.

Use payment verification systems.

Avoid money transfers to unknown people, instead rely upon secure payment systems such as PayPal.

Make sure the payment page starts with https:// as the “s” indicates a secure page.

If you feel as though you have been scammed while shopping online on Cyber Mondayor anytime, please call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division toll free at 800-368-8808.

Morrisey will send a consumer representative from the Attorney General’s Office to our area for mobile office hours during December. The office representative will educate consumers on the latest scams in their area and provide them with tips on how to protect their personal information.

Brooke Fletcher, a consumer representative and compliance specialist with the Office, will host mobile office hours, which are scheduled as follows:

Dec. 2: 11 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. at the Mason County Action Group, Inc., 101 2nd Street, Point Pleasant

Dec. 3: 10:30 a.m.- Noon at Wood County Senior Citizens Association, Inc., PO Box 1229 (914 Market Street), Parkersburg

Dec. 7: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Roane County Committee on Aging, Inc., 811 Madison Avenue, Spencer

Dec. 9: 10:30 a.m.-Noon at Calhoun County Committee on Aging, Inc., PO Box 434 (#3 Market Street) Grantsville

Dec. 11: 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Vienna Senior Center, 706 29th Street, Vienna

Dec. 16: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Council of Senior Citizens of Gilmer County, Inc., 720 North Lewis Street, Glenville


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